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Be Still

By Kristen Wohlers I apologized to God today for too often ignoring Him, even though I know He is the sustenance I

Be Still2019-06-29T04:47:11+00:00

Learning to Love

By Pastor Barry Wood I have been a Christian for almost 44 years. I’ve been a pastor for 29 of those. It

Learning to Love2019-06-29T03:53:50+00:00

An Overcoming Life

By Pastor Barry Wood As a pastor, I see Christians living with struggle, difficulties, and burdens. The question that people most often

An Overcoming Life2019-02-28T01:53:34+00:00

Sticks and Stones

By Pastor Barry “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” As kids, we probably all quoted

Sticks and Stones2018-08-08T04:58:07+00:00


By Pastor Barry I’ve been thinking about this phrase for some time. As I apply it to my Christian life, I realize


Faith through Winter

Being faithful. Being faith filled. Being faithfully faith filled. This is a journey that every believer steps into the moment they begin

Faith through Winter2018-04-27T23:23:04+00:00

Remembering Billy Graham

Today, the news about the passing of evangelist Billy Graham became public. I remember some of his ministry career. I also remember

Remembering Billy Graham2018-02-22T01:23:17+00:00