By Kristen Wohlers

I apologized to God today for too often ignoring Him, even though I know He is the sustenance I need every day.

Then I dove into my current devotional—Jesus Calling for Kids. It’s the book we’re studying in kids’ church, and I’m enjoying it for myself too. Well, after thinking about the fact that I distance myself from God at times because I’m too focused on everything else, this devotional reminded me that God never distances Himself from me.

It starts: “I am with you. I am with you. I am with you.”


Let that sink in.

In every moment that we feel distant from our God, even then, He is close to us.

I know He is Emmanuel, God with us. But I forget, and I needed the reminder that came from a kids’ devotional. Maybe you need it too.

With God always near to me, all it takes on my end is to reach my hand out once, and again, and again, to the One who is right there with me; and that leads to a constant awareness of His presence.

The devotional went on with the clincher that tugged at me today:

“To hear Me, you must be still and quiet. Go to your room, outside to a favorite swing, or anywhere you can be quiet and still. And then listen as I speak to your heart.

“The more you practice stillness, the easier it becomes. Little by little, you’ll learn to carry that stillness with you everywhere.

I find myself grasping perpetually, desperately for that evasive moment of quiet, rest, peace. How much better it would be for me to carry it with me everywhere.


-Kristen Wohlers

Children’s Ministries Coordinator