By Pastor Barry

I’ve been thinking about this phrase for some time. As I apply it to my Christian life, I realize something: I’m not very good at it. I’m not referring to my work or daily life. I get back with people, keep appointments, and get my work done. I’m being challenged in the spiritual sense—my life with God.

I believe in the power of prayer and in God’s ability to heal people and do the miraculous. But I realize that I want things to happen on the spot and if they don’t, I don’t follow through. Jesus said in Luke 18.7, “Will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night?”

I’m realizing that I give up way too easily.

Recently, I had the opportunity to pray for a person who had just been diagnosed with a rare disease. I fully believed that God wanted me to go and pray for his healing. I wanted it to happen immediately. I wanted him to rise, walk, and be completely restored in a moment. But it didn’t happen. Still, I left there believing that I had done what God called me to do. As I prayed and contemplated this, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and challenged me to continue to pray with absolute confidence that God was indeed going to heal the person quickly.

I decided to follow through. So, I’ve been praying, I’ve enlisted others to pray with me, and I have full faith that the result will bring glory to God. The person I prayed with is recovering and making tremendous progress toward a full recovery. People are being drawn closer to Jesus as the healing is being manifested.

Too many times, I give up on God. I have my ideas about what He should do and what that looks like. But He has his own plan that is greater than mine. He chooses the route that will bring the most glory to Himself and expands His kingdom to the fullest in every situation. I’ve concluded that I need to submit to God’s plans and allow Him to bring the answer in His time for His purpose.

I won’t give up on praying for miraculous healing for people, but if I don’t see the instantaneous result, I will choose to press into the answer with continuing and purposeful prayer. I’m learning to live a life of follow-through.

-Pastor Barry