The Lord has been preparing something in his people for a while now. For many of us the feeling is akin to the seasons changing. In fact, I have heard those very words to describe what God is doing.  “Something is changing.”  “We are entering a new season!” With a few variations, this is what is being said. I know many people have heard this or even felt God press this very notion on their hearts.

I’m here to tell you, it is real! Winter is over people and spring has come! The phrase God keeps impressing on me is “true spring.” We are entering true spring in the Kingdom of God right now.

What exactly does true spring mean?  I’ve been praying about that and thinking on it for a couple of months now. Here is what I’m hearing from God.  I’m sure that many of you, myself and Amy included have had a rough time the last couple of years. 2015, ‘16, and ’17 were hard for a lot of people.  Financially, politically, emotionally, spiritually, and in many cases, physically. In all honesty, the last few years have felt like one, big, long winter. Now though, something feels different. There is a change in the air and it isn’t just because we’re in April. God is changing something big and it feels like it’s gonna be beautiful. It feels like spring.

So, what happens in spring? A few things come to mind. First, the air changes. Something in the pressure of the air changes for the better and we can all feel it. It also starts to warm up. Second, buds and blooms start appearing on the trees and plants. Things turn green, then pink, blue, red, and orange.  An explosion of colors that all represent the same thing. Life. Newness. Growth.

The thing is, spring isn’t all just happiness and sunshine. There is still turbulent and even violent weather in the spring. Sudden storms. Rain, wind, and hail. Every once in while you’ll wake up in the morning and it’s 36 degrees in April. It makes you depressed and cold. Maybe even a little bit cranky. The next day it’s 77 degrees, sunny, and your perspective changes with the weather. That’s what spring is like. Wild, untamed, new, fast, and unexpected. But one thing remains constant. Life. That life is exploding, and changing, and charging up towards the inevitable harvest at the end of the coming summer. Spring is new life with the purpose of building towards a harvest.

Right now, God is planting the seeds, opening the buds on the trees, and building for the future harvest.  One of my favorite songs is “Seasons Change” by United Pursuit. In the second verse it says “Lord you’ve been faithful to plant the seeds, and you will be faithful to always bring your rain.” Our God is faithful. He’s always going to plant and groom his people and his kingdom. We are those people and we are a part of that Kingdom. It’s time to bloom. It’s time to allow the Holy Spirit to move and work in us for the purpose of building towards the harvest.

It’s spring time, and summer growth isn’t too far off. Embrace the season. Embrace the storms.  Embrace the newness and the life that God is bringing to His people right now.

Nathan Wood